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Even if you have Poor credit history (ccj‘s defaults etc..), are in part time employment or you are a tenant, you will still be accepted. Apply online for Payday Loans in minutes!


Piggy payday loansSuper Quick, simple payday loans! It’s fast and simple with piggy cash advances, there are no awkward questions, no time consuming phone calls and no paperwork. All you have to do is complete a simple application form, get an instant decision, then receive the funds in your account within 1 hour*



Get the cash you need, when you need it! There are many reasons for a payday loan, whether your trying to avoid those horrible bank or credit card charges, paying unexpected bills that always seem to come at the same time! Or maybe you just want to treat yourself now, but can’t afford it till the end of the month. We will provide the money you need within 1 hour*. So when paydays a little too far away but you need money now… APPLY NOW!!!!

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*in most cases – special cases may take up to 24 hours 

1737% APR representative
Representative loan example: You borrow £250 for 30 days, Total amount payable – £312.50, Interest – £62.50, interest rate PA – 1737% (variable)